5 Tips for Urban Wildlife Control in Hamilton

Whether you live in Hamilton’s countryside or the city itself, wildlife can quickly become a nuisance and create extensive damage to your property. If the animals are sick, they can also pose a danger to the health of you, your family and your pets.

Urban wildlife control should be a priority for any Hamilton resident. Here’s how to prevent wildlife from creating havoc at your property – and what to do if it’s already too late.

The Importance of Urban Wildlife Control

Like humans, wildlife requires food, water and shelter to survive. In urban settings especially, wildlife and humans are in a constant battle over space and natural resources. This can lead to animals entering your home or taking up residence in your yard and creating problems.

If homeowners follow some simple steps, many conflicts between humans and wildlife can be prevented.

Stop Feeding Them

At first, you may think you’re only feeding the birds when you fill up your bird feeders, but soon enough, you’ll be inviting an entire community of wildlife to a feast! Other than removing bird feeders, pick fruit and vegetables from your trees and gardens as soon as they’re ripe. If you have any pets, keep their food inside your home.

Keep Your Garbage Contained Well

Wildlife are not picky eaters! Store your garbage indoors until garbage collection day. If that’s not an option, keep garbage outdoors within hard, plastic containers with locking lids. The same goes for your compost bins!

Inspect the Exterior of Your Home

The smallest of openings can encourage wildlife to enter your home’s attic, walls and chimney. Perform regular inspections of the exterior of your home and fix any damage found. Check roof vents for holes, cap chimneys tightly and examine screens, walls and roof overhangs for holes and cracks.

To prevent wildlife from creating a home on your property, make sure openings under your porch, patio and shed are completely blocked.

Keep Your Yard Well Lit

From rabbits to skunks to raccoons, most of the wildlife we have in Hamilton are nocturnal. Keeping your yard illuminated at night is one of the best ways to prevent these active nighttime creatures from making your property their home. To cut down on energy costs, install motion-sensitive lights.

Hire a Professional for Urban Wildlife Control in Hamilton

For ongoing wildlife animal problems, a wildlife control services provider should be contacted. Familiar with the City of Hamilton’s wildlife bylaws and experienced with the behaviours of wild animals, a professional wildlife technician will know how to best handle your wildlife issue.

By providing a full range of services, a wildlife professional is the best solution for eliminating any future wildlife problems. They can complete inspections of your property to help create a removal plan, perform wildlife removal and prevent wildlife problems from reoccurring.

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