How to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Pool

Pools can provide you and your family with a welcome respite after a long, hot summer day. Unfortunately, wildlife tends to view your pool in the same manner!

All types of wildlife have been known to make their way toward pools for water or just for a refreshing break. Depending on where you live, wildlife critters like frogs, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, deer, and chipmunks can easily fall into your pool – without any way of getting back out.

Plus, ducks and geese view your pool as no different than a pond or river. As such, they aren’t shy about pooping in the water or on the deck.

Besides wildlife creatures, domestic animals (including strays) can wander into your pool area.

What’s the best way to ensure your pool only gets used for human enjoyment? Follow our tips below to find out!

Avoid the Obvious

Before shelling out money or causing extra work with extensive precautions, take some simple steps to prevent wildlife from using your pool!

Any leftover food should always be picked up and properly disposed of. If there are bird feeders nearby, consider relocating them further away from the pool.

Ensure your pool area’s trees and plants are not overgrown, as this could create a more appealing environment for wildlife.

Install a Barrier

There’s probably already a bylaw in your area that requires a fence around your pool. But to add an extra barrier, install a pool cover or netting. Make sure that it will not allow animals to fall through as you do not want animals to become trapped underneath.

Although costly, automatic pool covers make keeping your pool sealed off a breeze.

Install Automatic Sprinklers

Whether you have grass surrounding your pool or not, installing automatic sprinklers can help keep pesky animals away from your property. Even the bravest of animals can be scared off by a sudden burst of water!

Use a Flashing Infrared System

Flashing infrared systems are an idea for deterring animals that lurk around your home after it gets dark.

By pulsing and creating a scare tactic, the light discourages wildlife from getting close to your pool.

Spray a Natural Repellent

Sometimes no matter what you do, certain animals will still be brave enough to venture into your pool.

In these cases, try using a natural repellent by combining Cayenne pepper and water or onion and jalapeno pepper. Apply the spray liberally to the area surrounding your pool.

Be sure to spray this regularly, especially after a heavy rainfall.

Enjoy Your Pool – Without Wildlife Ruining the Experience!

A pool is a significant investment, and you deserve to enjoy it to its fullest – without any wildlife problems!

The experts at Habitat Wildlife Control are here to help you keep wildlife away from your pool. Contact us today for more details about our wildlife control services.

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