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Squirrel Removal Process:

Do you need Squirrel Removal Service?

Squirrels are very persistent animals.  The most common squirrel in Ontario is the eastern grey squirrel. You would think they would be grey but in urban areas they are often black in colour.  Squirrels have two litters of kits a year, one in the spring time between January and April and one in late summer between August and September. They usually have 2-5 infants per litter. The babies stay with their mother until they are 12-14 weeks old.

How Squirrels Get Into Your Home

Squirrels are commonly known to enter your home through roof vents, apex’s or simply by chewing a hole right through the roof. Squirrels teeth never stop growing causing them to constantly chew to keep their teeth from growing too long. Squirrels have been known to cause mass destruction in homes.  Their teeth are very strong and can chew through many materials such as wood, shingles, aluminum and electrical wiring, which can become dangerous and very costly.

Squirrel removal from your attic, house, or garage should be done as quick as possible to minimize damage. Not only do squirrels cause damage through their chewing, they may also defecate, store food, nest, or leave holes for other animals such as bats or raccoons to enter your home or business. Once a squirrel is in your attic or wall, they are also quite noisy, leaving and entering at all hours of the day, which can cost you hours of sleep and frustration.

Professional Squirrel Removal

As wildlife removal professionals in the Hamilton/Burlington area, Habitat Wildlife Control humanely removes squirrels, and ensures any babies are reunited with their mother. We also implement prevention tactics on current and potential entry points to ensure squirrels or other pests gain access to your business or home.

If you have a pesky squirrel wreaking havoc in your home or commercial property, give us a call at 905-973-2223. We will send out our squirrel control experts to resolve your animal problem quickly, humanely and effectively.

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