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Skunks are recognized by their black fur and white stripe down their back and tail.  When skunks are startled or feel threatened they can spray a foul-smelling fluid in self-defense up to 10 feet away.  Their life expectancy is 1-7 years.  Skunks mate in February-March and are pregnant for 66 days. They have 4-7 babies called kits.  The kits stay with their mother until they are ready to mate at about 1 year of age.

Skunks have powerful and sharp front claws which are great for digging burrows under sheds, porches, concrete slabs and decks to nest in. They are also known to dig up grass in search of grubs and earthworms.  Nothing ruins a perfect August evening faster than a skunk living under your back deck coming out at night.

If you have a pesky skunk wreaking havoc on your property give us a call at 905-973-2223. We will send out a professional wildlife technician to resolve your wildlife issue quickly, humanely and effectively.

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