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Raccoon Removal Process:

Do you need Raccoon Removal Service?

Raccoons have greyish fur with 4-5 black rings around their bushy tail and look like they are wearing a black mask. They are a medium sized mammal, ranging anywhere from 8-20lbs and 12-28 inches in length. Their life expectancy in urban areas is 2-5 years. Raccoons mate in February-March and are pregnant for 64 days. They have anywhere from 2-6 babies, called kits. The kits remain in the den for 4-6 weeks and generally stay with their mother until fall. Raccoons are usually nocturnal animals but can be more active in the day time during mating season or if they become sick.

Diseases Raccoons May Carry

There are three main diseases raccoons commonly carry in North America, which are rabies, distemper and mange. These diseases can be infectious to humans and domestic animals, if not properly vaccinated.

How Raccoons Get into Attics

Raccoons are known to be very mischievous animals. They often forage for food in neighbourhood garbage cans, which can be messy and frustrating. Raccoons are excellent climbers commonly known to make dens in attics by entering your home through roof vents, apex’s, chimneys, soffit and flashing. They can also take shelter in crawl spaces, under sheds, decks and in window wells.

Raccoons are incredible climbers and can get access to the most remote parts of your home or business.  For example, raccoons will easily climb down unprotected chimneys, and nest right on top of a fireplace damper.  Their claws will also tear away at any areas where there is rotting wood or missing shingles on your roof to gain access to your attic.  Once inside your attic, garage, or shed, raccoons will also pick an area or two to defecate and urinate, which will lead to odour problems and potential health problems.  Any holes they leave will allow easy access for other pests, such as bats and squirrels.  If you have been hearing scratching noises on your roof or walls, call us as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

If you have a pesky raccoon wreaking havoc in your home or commercial property, or you require raccoon removal from your attic, give us a call at 905-973-2223. We will send out our wildlife control experts to resolve your animal problem quickly, humanely and effectively.

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