Hear Noise in Your Attic? Here’s What You Should Do

You’re just about to drift off into sleep when you are jostled completely awake by a strange noise coming from above. What IS that noise coming from your attic? And even more importantly, HOW do you get it to stop?

Before you can enjoy a good night’s sleep once again, you’re going to have to confront the issue – preferably with the help of professionals. Here’s how!

Determining the Cause of the Noise

Figuring out how to rid the animal from your attic begins with figuring out what type of animal you’re dealing with. Although this can sometimes be a challenge, the time of day and the type of noise produced can give you clues:

  • Squirrels: Fast, light, scurrying sounds produced most commonly in the morning or evening. You can sometimes even hear nuts rolling around!
  • Rats and Mice: Light running noises across the ceiling or walls, most frequently at night; sounds can range from barely audible to loud depending on the structure of the home.
  • Raccoons: Heavy thumping and walking, crying chatter and sometimes scratching throughout the night.
  • Opossums: Although opossums are relatively slow and quiet, they will sound heavy during the night.
  • Bats: Some of the noises they make are inaudible for the human ear, but their chirps are not. If there are a lot of bats, you can hear scurrying noises as they fight for space.

How to Safely Remove Animals from Your Attic

The safest way to remove animals from your attic, and especially when traps and relocation are required, it’s best to call in the professionals. Wildlife control experts have experience with the best human methods for removing animals from your attic space. Plus, their years of experience can provide you with the answers you need to ensure it doesn’t happen again!

Once the animals have been removed, the pest control experts will evaluate your attic space to determine how the animals entered in the first place. They can then make any necessary repairs to prevent future incidents.

In addition, they will clean up any animal droppings since they, too, can be a carrier for pathogens and diseases.  This cleanup is best left to the professionals as Raccoon feces, for example, could contain parasitic roundworms eggs.  When the feces are disrupted, the eggs could become airborne and infect people or pets causing illness.  Besides sanitary and health purposes, animal waste that’s left behind can attract new animals.

Habitat Wildlife Control services Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Mississauga and Cayuga. We are well versed in the most human removal methods and preventative measures to ensure the animal doesn’t return to your attic.

Start sleeping more soundly today! Call us for more information about our services at 905-973-2223.

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