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Mississauga Wildlife Removal

Habitat Wildlife Control offers inspection, removal and prevention services for Mississauga residents and businesses. We have highly skilled technicians who will come to your property and asses your wildlife issue and create a customized removal and prevention plan to ensure you do not encounter animal problems in the future. We offer 24/7, quick and reliable wildlife removal service.

Mississauga Wildlife

Mississauga is located along Lake Ontario, between Toronto and Oakville. Mississauga is the third most populous area in Ontario with a population of over 700,000 and 23 neighborhoods. Mississauga’s Natural Areas System covers 9.5% of the city land, which includes woodlands, wetlands, watercourses and valleys. The city has a total of 2.1 million trees located in the Natural Areas System and within city streets and private properties. These natural areas provide great shelter and hunting areas for many different species.

Mississauga Featured Wildlife

Keep Animals Away from Your Mississauga Property

  • Store your garbage indoors until garbage day
  • Secure your garbage in steel containers with locking lids
  • Remove bird feeders that attract certain wildlife
  • Feed your pets indoors
  • Clean your barbeque after each use
  • Remove rock or wood piles from your yard
  • Pick up ripened fruit
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Enclose spaces beneath decks and sheds
  • Inspect your roof for any damage
  • Cover your chimney with a steep cap

Rabies in Mississauga

On August 1, 2019, The Region of Peel confirmed that a bat in Brampton had rabies. This is the first confirmed case of rabies for the year in Peel.  Transmission of rabies from bats to humans is rare, but should physical contact ever take place, you need to contact a physician immediately to be accessed.

While there have been no other confirmed cases of rabies in other wildlife in Mississauga, there remains a risk. Oakville and Burlington Ontario have both had confirmed cases of bat rabies, and Hamilton Ontario has had several confirmed cases of rabies in raccoons. That’s why animal wildlife removal should be left to the professionals.

For more information on rabies or to report an animal bite or scratch, call the Peel Regional Health Department at 905-799-7700.

Pest Removal in Mississauga

If you have a pesky animal problem in your Mississauga home, give Habitat Wildlife Control a call at 905-973-2223. We will send out our technicians to come and inspect your home and wildlife removal. Once the animal has been removed safely, we provide you with preventative measures to effectively eliminate their return to your property in the future.

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