How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your Home

Chances are, you’ve put some thought into how to keep burglars from breaking into your home.

But have you thought about taking preventative measures so that a certain furry “masked bandit” doesn’t destruct the outside of your home?

Although they may look cute and furry, raccoons (with their mask-like pattern of black fur surrounding their eyes), can be destructive!

Here’s what to do to keep raccoons away from your home so that your property remains in excellent condition all year round.

  1. Remove Potential Food Sources

    Many times, raccoons wander into residential areas scrounging for something to eat.

    Eliminate making your home’s property the go-to source for a raccoon’s dinner by removing food sources from your yard. This goes for removing any pet, bird and squirrel food, too.

  1. Keep Your Garbage Secured

    Raccoons can make a terrible mess (and loud noise!) ripping open garbage bags while looking for something to eat.

    Keeping your garbage can closed with a locked lid (or heavy weight placed on top) is one way to prevent this mess from happening.

    Better yet, keep your garbage stored in a secure location such as a shed or a garage. Place it out on the curb in the morning on garbage day, rather than the night before.

  1. Protect Your Gardens

    After a raccoon gets a tasty bite of a fruit or vegetable you’re growing, they’ll definitely be back for more!

    Install a fence around your vegetable garden to keep these omnivores away. For extra raccoon prevention, play a loop of a recorded talk show to disturb the peace and quiet of your yard at night. Since raccoons like quiet, they will be scared off when they hear human voices!

  1. Light it Up!

    Raccoons love eating grubs and insects, so yards can quickly become ruined with holes dug by these annoying critters.

    Because these nocturnal animals prefer the darkness, well-lit yards can deter them from visiting. Consider installing motion-sensing lights around your home or any other type of lighting that resembles daylight.

  1. Prevent them from Coming Inside!

    Adult raccoons require only a 4-inch-diameter hole to make their way inside your home’s crawlspace, attic or garage.

    If you suspect that raccoons are making their way into your home uninvited, fully inspect the perimeter for any potential access points.

    If you notice a spot that seems like it could be used by a raccoon, stuff it with newspaper. Wait a couple of days before checking if the newspaper’s been moved.

    If it has, you’ll know how raccoons are getting into your home and can take future preventative measures.

Habitat Wildlife Control: Expert Help with Raccoon Problems

Sometimes, it comes down to requiring an expert wildlife control professional to rid your home of a raccoon nuisance. And when that happens, Habitat Wildlife Control is here to help!

With years of experience controlling critters and pests, we know exactly what to do when it comes to your raccoon problem!

Contact us today to learn more information about our wildlife control services.

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