Common Pest Problems in Hamilton

Hamilton is amongst the largest cities in Canada, and it only continues to grow. With so many people in the city, it’s natural that there will be some small creatures trying to make a home there too. Sometimes they invade our homes and create problems. Here are some of the common pests we see across Hamilton, and some ways to prevent them along with potential signs that you may have them living in your home.


This category of animals includes a variety of pests such as mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels and even skunks. The most common to see in a house, though, are mice and rats. Mice and rats, like most animals, are drawn to warm and cozy spaces like attics, garages, basements or even behind walls. While they both can squeeze into your home through tiny holes, as small as a dime, rats are much more destructive than mice are. Rats will chew through wires, wood beams, or even walls. Both animals will leave droppings around your house, so look for small, black bits close to walls, behind appliances or furniture, and near food. Rats, unlike mice, will urinate on human and pet food. Both rodents are known to breed rapidly, so it’s best to keep an eye around your house so you can catch any infestations early on. Rats and mice are known to carry diseases, so it’s important to catch them early, so they aren’t a danger to you and your family.


Cockroaches are one of the most common pests seen in homes. They try to stay in the dark as much as possible, so if you start seeing them around your house in the day, then you should be worried about a larger infestation. Roaches mostly only venture away from their comfort zone when they’re in search of food or water. Although it is thought they are attracted to messy homes, that isn’t necessarily true although a messy house will make the infestation harder to remove from the home. These bugs can be found behind appliances and under floor drains. If you can’t see them during the day, then check in your cupboards for their feces, which resembles coffee grounds. Even if you get rid of some of the bugs, they are very skilled at hiding their eggs, so it’s important to bring in pest control professionals to ensure you get rid of the entire infestation.


Most people would associate fleas with their cat or dog, and they aren’t wrong but that doesn’t mean they could be a significant problem should they get into your house. Pets are usually the family member that brings fleas into your home, and they get them by interacting with another animal who already has them. Fleas survive by biting animals and drinking their blood, and this causes an itch, which is why one of the key indicators of fleas is your dog or cat scratching more than usual. You can also check your pet by parting their fur and looking for small black specs, also known as flea dirt.

Once you have an infestation, it can be difficult to get rid of it but taking steps to prevent the pests from getting into your home will go a long way to keeping them out. Ensure you seal off all holes or gaps – no matter how small – and treating your pets with flea prevention can help. Your home is cozy, and a welcoming environment for you so it only makes sense it’s also an excellent place for these little critters to make a home, too.

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