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There are eight different species of bats in Ontario. The most common type is the little brown bat. They are typical warm-blooded mammals that give birth to live young. However, they are the only mammal that can fly. The easiest way to describe a bat is, it looks like a mouse with wings. Bats are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day and hunt at night. Bats can eat three times their body weight in one night of feeding. Bats have poor vision but great hearing. They use echolocation to see. Bats usually give birth in late May to early July. After a month they are full grown and can hunt for themselves. Bats hibernate usually from November to April. Bats are known to carry the rabies disease, which can be infectious to humans and domestic animals if not properly vaccinated.

Bats are capable of fitting through spaces as small as a dime. They are often found roosting in attics, soffit, garages, sheds and barns. Bats live in colonies, if you find a bat in your home chances are there may be many more.  Bat proof your home today with Habitat Wildlife Control.

If you have an infestation of bats on your property or in your home give us a call at 905-973-2223. We will send out an experienced wildlife technician to resolve your wildlife issue quickly, humanely and effectively.

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