5 Tips to Remove Squirrels from Your Property

Although squirrels can be entertaining to watch in your backyard, they can also create havoc. From eating birdseed, ruining gardens and sometimes even getting into your home, squirrels have the potential to cause a lot of damage. Here are five tips for removing squirrels from your property before any major damage occurs.

1. Control the Environment

First, remove any potential food source (bird seed, dog food, etc.) from your property. If you’re an avid bird watcher, purchase specialty “squirrel proofed” bird feeders that keep the food guarded against squirrels. Protect vegetable gardens with a fence that is buried about a foot into the ground and plant some mint (which squirrels hate).

Keep tree branches trimmed that are overhanging the roof line. Place a guard over your chimney. Squirrels that are entering through the rooftop and facia boards can be prevented by using gutter guards and downspout covers.

Stop squirrels from entering your crawl space or basement by repairing foundation wall cracks and sealing any entry points.

2. Use the Scare Tactic

Leave a radio on in your backyard or use an ultrasonic repellent inside your attic. If using a radio, tune into a talk station so that squirrels can constantly hear the sound of human voices.

Install flashing strobe lights or leave the attic light on so that squirrels are scared from coming close. Pulsating lights may be more effective at scaring squirrels off.

Motion-activated sprinklers have the same effect as light with scaring squirrels away – plus have a side benefit of watering your lawn.

3. Set a Live Trap

Use a small, live trap since squirrels may panic and hurt themselves in large traps. Read the instructions carefully to set your trap properly. Most traps utilize a sing bar trigger that needs to be activated before closing and locking the door around a squirrel.

Once your nuisance squirrel is caught, safely release him/her somewhere far from your property.

4. Use Squirrel Repellent

There are two main types of squirrel repellent products available at your local hardware store. They are typically made from natural ingredients.

The first, made from black or cayenne pepper, is added to your bird feeder. This repellent won’t harm your birds but will keep the squirrels away.

If you have a bigger issue with squirrels than just at your bird feeder, then a repellent made from the urine of predators of squirrels may work. Spray this repellent around your property to discourage squirrels from visiting.

5. Call an Expert Wildlife Technicians

If squirrels continue to be a nuisance in your backyard even after trying the tips above, it may be time to call in the professionals.

Using a customized, humane focused removal plan, a team of professional wildlife technicians will eliminate your squirrel problem for good. Contact us today to learn more about our wildlife control services.

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