5 Easy Ways to Keep Wildlife Away

Although squirrels, raccoons, skunks and rabbits may be entertaining to look at, they can quickly become a nuisance on your property.

From leaving feces to strewing garbage, certain types of wildlife are best appreciated away from your property! Here are five things you can do to keep potential troublemaking wildlife away from your gardens, decks and attics.

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Although the purpose of bird feeders and bird baths are to attract birds to your backyard, they often attract many other types of wildlife, too.  Bird feeders and birdbaths can easily create backyard havoc involving raccoons, mice, squirrels and more. The same goes for pet food – keep any dog or cat food or water bowls out of your backyard. If you do have your pet eat outside, ensure the area is cleaned adequately after any meals consumed.

If you still want to enjoy bird traffic, try a specific feed for the type of bird you want to attract (rather than a mixed feed). Keep the bird feeder far away from patios, pools and decks to help keep the area tidy.

2. Keep Garbage Secured

Many wildlife critters are curious and hungry when they wander onto your property. Combining these two factors is not a good combination when your property involves unsecured garbage! Keep plastic garbage bags secured by using heavy duty plastic or a metal trash can with a properly fitting lid. Store your waste in your garage or shed or place a heavy weight on the top of the lid.

Remember to ensure there aren’t any holes in your bins to prevent a rodent problem.

3. Seal Up All Entry Points to Your Home

Whether you have a current wildlife issue or not, make it a habit to regularly inspect the exterior of your home, garage and shed. It’s surprising the tight space that critters can squeeze into, so repair any gaps or holes that you find!

Use caulk or mesh to seal off small areas.

4. Complete Property Maintenance

Prevent critters from easily accessing your roof or attic by keeping trees trimmed nine feet from your roof. Larger branches may require an arborist so that they can be trimmed without causing any harm to the trees. Complete an inspection along the fence line to check for any spaces or holes. Installing wire mesh/cloth underground will prevent animals from digging underneath your fence.

5. Protect Your Gardens and Ponds

If your backyard has an unprotected pond, it will only be a matter of time before a raccoon stops by for a drink or a snack of fish. Your pond’s contents are best protected by installing an electric fence around it.

Vegetable gardens are another excellent food source for wildlife, so make sure any ripened produce is picked right away. Consider building a raised garden or installing a fence for extra security from wildlife critters.

Sometimes no matter what you do, wildlife continues to create a nuisance on your property. In these cases, it’s best to contact a wildlife professional that provides inspection, prevention and removal services. Contact us today for more information!

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