3 Dangers of Feeding the Wildlife in Hamilton, Ontario

Looking out your window onto your backyard, you may think that those raccoons, squirrels, ducks and other wildlife are cute.

So cute that you may be tempted to feed them some of your food.

But before you do, it’s important to know why you should be cautious about feeding wildlife. Here are three of the biggest dangers associated with feeding wildlife in Hamilton, Ontario.

1. It’s Not in the Wildlife’s Best Interests

Sure, free food may seem like a great thing to unsuspecting wildlife – at least initially.

Over time, however, human food can cause disease, injury or death to wildlife. Plus, human food is not part of a staple diet for wildlife and is extremely unhealthy for them to ingest.

Once animals start associating humans with food, they could become aggressive. Small children and household pets could be put at risk, making your backyard no longer a safe haven for your family.

After becoming reliant on you for food, wildlife could stop hunting for natural food. As a result, their ability to survive would be put at risk if you were ever to stop providing them with food.

2. You Could Bring Unwanted Animals to Your Neighbourhood

After starting to feed wildlife, it’s only a matter of time before more and more wildlife is attracted to your backyard.

Maybe you started only feeding a couple of raccoons…but soon enough, other critters such as skunks, mice and rats may show up in your backyard looking for a handout.

Not only can wildlife become unwelcomed in your backyard, but they can create a nuisance, too. Their feces will be left behind, damage can be created on your grass, and they can enter your home.

The wildlife won’t just hang around your backyard, either. No – they will quickly become a neighbourhood problem… a problem that you’re to blame for!

3. You Could Be Fined

The City of Hamilton has a by-law that regulates the feeding of wildlife – with steep fines if the regulation isn’t followed.

By-law No. 12-130 “To regulate the Feeding of Wildlife and to Repeal By-law No. 02-136” explains how the feeding of wildlife is not permitted. However, people are allowed to feed birds and feral cats if certain rules are abided by.

If you fail to comply with the by-law, fines of up to $10,000 for your first conviction and up to $25,000 for subsequent convictions are possible.

Trust us – as cute as some of the wildlife critters are here in Hamilton, Ontario, it’s not advisable that you feed them! Although they may start as adorable guests, it’s only a matter of time before they become unwanted backyard (and neighbourhood) visitors.

If you already do have unwanted wildlife in your backyard, we can help! Contact our office today to learn more about our safe, humane animal removals in Hamilton, Ontario.


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